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Technical Committee

This Committee has three primary functions:

  • to maintain an overview of, and participate in, the establishment of the legislation, standards, codes of practice and other regulations which impact on the manufacture and use of paints and inks;
  • To develop policies and strategies to advance the interests of local coatings manufacturers in the manufacturing and consumer areas; and
  • to act as a focal point for the industry in addressing technical issues which may surface from time to time, either of a general or of a specific nature, which impact on the formulation of paints and inks, their manufacture and use.

Health, Safety, Environment and Logistics Committee

The key terms of reference for this Committee are to “reduce workplace injuries and the industry’s impact on the environment”.

The Committee keeps a watch on proposed legislation in the areas of environmental control and consumer protection.  It promotes the adoption of appropriate practices and safe use of the industry’s products.  The Committee also monitors the activities of working groups dealing with specific areas of interest.

Working Groups

Special Working Groups are also utilised from time to time to examine specific issues such as to reduce registration approval timeframes for Anti-Fouling Paints, the GHS Implementation Working Group and the Waste Paint Working Group.