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The use of surface coatings protects the items they are used on, such as wood, masonry, plastic, metal and many other surfaces, contributing to better durability of such materials and saving our natural resources.  Likewise, printing inks help in the identification and packaging of food products, enabling them to be appropriately marked and labelled, which then protects and extends the life of the contents.  Decorative paints and wall-coverings also enhance our lifestyle and protect the built environment.

Our industry continues to be proactive in developing new products and technologies to reduce the environmental impact of the production and use of their products, such as lower VOC-containing products, in paints and inks alike.  There are now many examples of innovations designed to minimise energy consumption, VOC emissions, water consumption and transport, within the surface coatings industry.  Other sustainability examples include an increasing use of renewable materials, advanced recycling and waste recovery techniques and the supply of products in returnable packaging.

As part their commitment to product stewardship, the APMF and its members led the developments that established PAINTBACK®.  This program is a cost-effective solution for household and trade painters to remove unwanted paint and packaging independently run by PAINTBACK Ltd.  PAINTBACK® will also fund research to find better uses for unwanted paint. 

The World Coatings Council published its inaugural sustainability report in December 2022. The report highlights the global industry’s ongoing sustainability efforts to advance technologies in coating science and manufacturing, while minimizing impacts on human health and the environment.

The report emphasizes the critical role coatings and the global industry play in contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as framed by nine specific SDGs where the industry can have the greatest impact:

• Good Health and Well-being (UN SDG #3);
• Quality Education (UN SDG #4);
• Clean Water & Sanitation (UN SDG #6);
• Decent Work and Economic Growth (UN SDG #8);
• Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (UN SDG #9);
• Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG #11);
• Responsible Consumption and Production (UN SDG #12);
• Climate Action (UN SDG #13); and
• Life Below Water (UN SDG #14).

The APMF and its member companies contributed to the preparation of this report.

World Coatings Council Sustainability Report

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